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I have always wiped my hands before going for a handshake and trying to suppress my sweat is always my first thought when being put into a social environment. I have learned to deal with hyperhidrosis, but mentally, it's straining. It was only recently that I have been using antiperspirant cream and I can only think about how many people don't know about treatments.

Ryan Hsieh, 17

It affects my day to day life in many ways. I get insecure about it when I wear light-colored shirts and it will show through. My hands also sweat a lot and I dislike shaking people's hands because they are always soaked. I am a gamer and it gets hard to play because my fingers will continue to keep slipping. Driving is also a struggle sometimes, my hands will be so sweaty that the steering wheel will slip sometimes, making driving with one hand almost impossible. But it has not caused me to lose control in any way. Overall it’s not a life or death situation for me, over the years I’ve learned that I cannot do anything to combat it so I just deal with it and move on.

Bryan, 17

Hyperhydrosis affects me in more ways than I could have imagined. It affects and limits my physical interactions in professional and social relationships in my life. It affects the paperwork I deal with as well as the video games I play. 
Overall, it’s something that makes me feel insecure and less confident about myself in social and professional interaction.

Priyan Jindal, 17

Hyperhidrosis has been a defining feature of my life. From seeing wet prints on my blue jeans, or looking at the awkward and shocked reaction on people’s faces after handshakes, Hyperhidrosis has plagued every instance of my existence. However, with time, careful diet, and hydration, I have been capable of dealing with this relentless problem.

Aditya Biswal. 17

I started to notice that I sweat a lot two years ago. Whenever I played video games, I wouldn't even be focusing or trying super hard at all, and I would start sweating. Pretty much every day I sweat when I'm playing games or playing the guitar. I haven't started using any treatment but I will start looking into it.

Jack Huang, 16

Ever since I was little, hyperhidrosis has always been a hindrance in my life. During elementary and middle school I was made fun of for my excessive sweating. Physical contact with people was a struggle knowing that others would often show their disgust when forced to hold hands with me. Even now, wrinkled papers and numerous sweat stains are common in the classroom. No one I knew could truly relate, and it was only recently that I learned there was a proper term for my condition. It has left me insecure for years but learning about other people’s stories has given me a sense of relief that I’m not alone in fighting this ongoing problem.

Anthony Tran, 17

I’ve always struggled with being overly sweaty and I never knew it wasn’t something normal until high school. From having to always remember to put on antiperspirant to sitting on sweaters in hot cars to prevent my sweat from pooling up; I am reminded every day of my hyperhidrosis. I distinctly remember not knowing that I had sweat through my prom dress until someone asked me why my dress was a different color.


Hyperhidrosis has been an invisible but present part of my life. When I'm trying to play the piano or video games, the sweat on my hands gets in the way and prevents me from achieving my maximum performance. Hyperhidrosis has also ruined my social confidence, especially when meeting important people, to the point that I sympathize with someone if I feel the sweat on their hands while shaking hands with them.

Andrew Wong. 16

I have hyperhidrosis on my hands, and when I get even a little nervous you could mistake it for the Niagra Falls. A test where I have to write a couple of sentences? That paper is definitely gonna be crinkled. Have to shake someone's hand? Wipe it off quickly and hope to god that it's not drenched before I actually touch them. Have to use a computer for more than 2 minutes? Probably should clean the keyboard and mouse afterward. Hyperhidrosis makes you hyperaware and insecure and self-conscious around people.

Saunak Sahu, 16

Hyperhidrosis affects my day to day activities in more ways than I could have imagined. It weakens my grip from the weight room to the basketball court and forces me to wipe the sweat onto my pants before I approach a handshake. Although physically it may not be harmful, having to consciously dry my hands and consciously think about it before every interaction can be mentally tiresome.

Srikar Vempaty, 17



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